High 5 with high Tea

“Bhai Phonta” is here and it’s time to renew the camaraderie and to strengthen the bond that is so precious.

It’s time to pamper my brothers and like most Bengalis, my brothers are tea addicts . They would love to taste some exotic tea over some major catching up. I have some beautiful places in mind . In Kolkata itself there are some places serving exotic tea and I want my brother to have a taste of some differently flavoured tea. These are some of  those places worth visiting with people who are tea lovers. 


Location : Near Ballygunge Phari opposite to ‘Fish Fish’, this is a beautifully done up tea parlour. 

This a cosy place away from the din and bustle of city life.  This place have in store for you some 20 varieties of tea. 

But apart from the tea, I want to take my brother to try their special ‘High Tea’ menu , curiously named “Gora SahebHigh Tea” and “Burra SahebHigh Tea” .

The teas served are: Nightingale Tea, Birdsong Tea, Gulmarg Tea and Paan Chai.

Time of Availability : 3PM to 6:30PM

Price : ₹ 450


Location : Sarat Bose Road ( Near the post office)

The Fuji High Tea is served in collaboration with Karma Kettle. Thus u are all set to enjoy some amazingly exotic tea with some mouth watering Japanese food. The tea served are Shanti , Seabuckthron Cooler, Genmaicha,Sakura, Bliss , GreatWall and the Nibbles served are Ochonomiyaki, Gyoza Soup, Karaage, Kushiage,Tempura , Sushi and Fried Green Tea Ice Cream.

Time: 4pm to 7pm

Apart from these to places you can always try the white tea at “Whistling Kettle”  (Price : ₹200 for a kettle).

Russian Fruit Tea at “Milee Droog” (₹70 a cup).

Thus share those special childhood memories and relieve those moments over a cup of tea.

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  1. Amazing coverage of all the Tea Happening places of Kolkata and its fun to read.

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  2. Megala says:

    Interesting read !

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