5 things that you can do differently in Puri

Puri , this sea side holiday destination is a favourite among all tourists especially Bengalis. Puri for all tourists means the sea side surjourn , a visit to the Jagannath temple, dolphin sighting at Chilka and Konark. But how about a different holiday experience , how about unraveling some things that you have never explored while in Puri.

Here are 5 things that will make your Puri trip unique.

Stay in Sterling ,Puri

Unlike the usual stay at the hotels with a view of the sea, you can stay at the Starling which is near the estuary, thus you have an unadulterated view of both the river as well as the sea. This place is away from the din and bustle of the usual Puri crowd and an ideal place to rejuvenate yourself. The resort has all the modern amenities, a spa, a sprawling lawn, good food, a aurvedic wellness centre, duplex apartment rooms with inbuilt kitchen. There are also banquets and the resort is also suitable for destination wedding.

Enjoying the Gotipua dance

Gotipua dance form is considered to be the predecessor of Odissi. Goti means single , pua means boy. This is a acrobatic dance performed by young boys to appease Lord Jagannath . I got the opportunity to watch the performance in Raghurajpur as well as in Sterling. This is indeed a spectacle that you will not want to miss.

A visit to Raghurajpur

Raghurajpur is located very close to Puri ( only 11.1 kms away) . It’s only an half an hour drive from Puri. This is a heritage village known for it’s Potochitro Painters and Gotipua dance troops.

Sterling resorts gave us the opportunity to visit this village. Art is what this village thrives upon. Every single house is an artist’s hub, there is even an open theatre , where there are special performances. There is a school where young boys are taught Gotipua. The trip to this village is indeed enriching.

Enjoying the local flavours

Sterling wanted us to rediscover Odisha , so instead of a buffet they arranged for an authentic Odhiya spread. The sitting arrangement is called ‘ pongad’ ( ground sitting). The items served were –

Kichuri- Hochpoch’ made with rice and vegetables, unlike the Bengali version this is much more dry .

Mitha Daal – Lentils cooked with tumeric , much like the normal daal , only it’s much sweeter than the Bengali version.

Doi Begun – Brinjal prepared in a gravy made with curd.

Saag- Vegetable curry

Chura Kadamba- This dish is more like a dessert . It’s made with beaten rice( Poha) , cashew nuts, raisins, ghee, cardamom, warm milk.

Enjoying fresh fish cooked by the locals in Chilka

People go to Chilka to see the dolphins but we traveled for about an hour and a half to reach an island that lead to the sea beach, a virgin sea beach whose beauty is unparalleled. Sitting in the boat stationed near an nondescript kiosk , I enjoyed some crab, prawn and mussels. It was indeed an experience to remember.

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A special thanks to TheBongTrippers , Anusreea Mukherjee Pal and Swarnava Mukherjee


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