” Wanderlust” – A strong desire to travel

If you have seen Satyajit Ray’s ‘Agauntuk’, you will be aware of this word used by Utpal Dutta. That was the first time I heard the word and was fascinated by it.

Then came the poem ‘ Ulysses’ , in which Lord Tennyson poignantly captured the yearning of the one who wants to drink the beauty of unknown .

Travelling is a passion , something that rejuvenates us , and sets us free from the din and bustle of mundane life. The yearning to ‘ know the unknown and see the unseen’ is always eternal inherent in us.

Travelling for me is something which involves no routine, no fixed mundane tour itinerary ,I always love my travel experience to be something ‘out of the box’. While I was searching for a travel portal who will help me discover the undiscovered, I came to known about Barganza Tours and Travels. Unlike those travel companies who organise tours , they customise trips to some of the best destinations across the world.

The Shed is an unique cafe which unlike those cafes which have mushroomed all over Kolkata , offers a platform for events, book launchs, film promotions. The cafe have dart boards and carroom and also regularly organises dart and carrom competitions.

Now , the question that is lurking in the back of your minds is, how are they to connected? Well , the Barganza Tours and Lifestyle & The Shed have joined hands to create an unique platform called Barganza @ The Shed.

Barganza @ The Shed is a physical platform where travellers can regularly interact, plan tours and even share their experiences. By being a part of this unique platform travellers can not only exchange ideas but you can also enjoy some lucrative offers. It will be a place where avid travellers can interact and share their inputs . It also will help them plan trips along with Barganza Tours & Lifestyle . The company has already planned trips for celebrities . Every individual have a certain preference, some like adventure while others want to amble away sometime in the lap of nature. Once you tell them your preference , they will help you plan and execute your dream vacation. One of the trips that they have planned is to Kenya with none other than Sabyasachi Chakraborty.

On the first meet of Barganza @ The Shed I along with some other travel addicts had the privilege of listening to our very own Feluda. Sabyasachi Chakraborty is an avid traveller and a wild life photographer , his passion for travelling had taken him to many remote places across the world. This time with Barganza , he is embarking on a trip to Kenya. He shared some of his experience as a traveller while we like kids listened with rapt attention.

The upcoming attraction is the first ever trip conducted by

Barganza @ The Shed
A Day Trip to a place that hosts probably the oldestBengali Durga Puja and enjoy the delicious
*BHOG lunch at the house that conducts the 650 years old Durga Puja*
(probably the oldest on record)
and witness history unfold

The itinerary-
6:30am : Reporting at
1/379 Jodhpur Park
7:00am : Breakfast at
7:45am : Start our journey
9:00am : Break journey at
Uluberia Dhaba
Activities on spot :
650years old Maa Durga darshan..
knowing about the interesting history of the place with the descendent of the family…
*Photographers Delight*
1:30pm : BHOG lunch
3:00pm : Return journey starts
6:00pm : Arrival at THE SHED
Trip ends with
a Coffee at
Date of journey :
Maha Saptami – 16th Oct
Maha Ashtami – 17th Oct
Maha Navami – 18th Oct

Cost per person @ 1500/- only.

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