Jamshedpur – A city defined by it’s people

What is a city,

But the people;

True the people

Are the city. – Coriolanus

Jamshedpur was founded by industrialist Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata in the early 20th century. J.D Tata understood the potential of steel and thus was searching for a place to set up a steel plant . Finally he with the help of geologist Charles Page Perin zeroed upon Sakchi , a village located in Chota Nagpur Plateau. It had all the available resources needed to establish a steel plant of mammoth proportion. Thus, Tata Iron and Steel started operations in 1904. In 1919 , the then viceroy Lord Chelmsford renamed the place as Jamshedpur after it’s founder J. N Tata.

Jamshedpur , is an urban conglomerate , a city which had grown with the steel plant as it’s nuclei. But Jamshedpur is not a concrete jungle , it is known for it’s perfectly wide roads , beautifully manicured gardens and mostly it’s people who are proud of their city.


Have you ever met anyone who hails from Jamshedpur ? I am sure you have . Well I came across three ladies who presently stays in Kolkata but are originally from Jamshedpur. There was one thing common among all of them , the moment you mention Jamshedpur, you can see the twinkle in their eyes.

Neelanjana Ghosh , has been born and brought up in Jamshedpur. Presently residing in Kolkata she misses her hometown and this is what she has to say about her hometown

“Jamshedpur..clean city, green city , steel city, a place I call my home. A city with great warmth that has taught me values to never give up and live life to the fullest.”

Sumana Gupta , who is now settled in Kolkata and runs a business of exclusive leather bags misses her hometown. She related how she finished her MBA after getting a scholarship from the TATA as her father was a TATA employee , she is ever thankful to the city and to the company which treats it’s employees as family.

During my visit , I also got the opportunity to meet some people of Jamshedpur , people who like the city are friendly , simple . Two individuals with stories to share , individuals whose stories I have carried back to my city as memories.

Mr D’Costa , owner The Boulevard Hotel , Jamshedpur

Located in the heart of the city , this hotel has a permanent place in the city’s history as the hotel that housed the American soldiers during World War 2. We heard the story from the owner of how the Americans said in the 14 rooms of the hotel , how they converted the banquet into their pub where they partied. I was touched by the warmth of this gentleman who personally gave us a tour through the corridors of the iconic hotel.

Madhuri Pappu Sardar , owner Manohar Chaat Centre

Well, Pappu Sardar is a person whose simplicity and vivacious character is infectious to say the least. A self proclaimed fan of first female superstar of Bollywood , Madhuri Dixit , Pappu Sardar has decorated his shop with her posters. He is known nation wide for his obsession with the star. I have heard about him from many and I thought I will find a man who will be proud of his fame . Instead I found someone down to earth and so eager to please his customers. He himself prepared chaat for us and proudly showed the you tube videos about him. He has a simple belief, a star needs his/her fans more when her popularity is fading , thus he remains loyal to his icon. He also engages in numerous social work to help the destitutes. Somehow , he captures the spirit of his city, magnanimous , giving.

Jamshedpur as a city is a perfect blend of Oriental and Occidental. It’s a city rich is heritage yet vibrant and modern in it’s outlook. Thus on one side you have the Dimna lake, Jubliee Park, and the old building but on the other hand you have the Saket Mall, the Alcor Hotel and Ramada Hotel. Jamshedpur is define but it’s clean wide roads, the patches of green, a city whose residents are ever thankful to the TATA for making their homeland an amalgamation of old and new.

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