Look back in Hunger ( Food Highlights of 2019 )

Well, 2019 it making its grand exit and sitting down to pen down my food experience this year , I really don’t know where to start. As for the year , 2019 will be remembered for being a challenging year for the Food and Hospitality sector. The year was unpredictable as well as packed with surprises. While I will be talking about my old favourites there are some new places which has made it’s way in the Kolkata food map. What I am going to write about are my choices and my preferences.

So , let’s begin !!

1. Macazzo’s Pork dishes

This cafe next to Medinova near Menoka cinema still remains my favourite place . You can try the best pork items along with some Chilli Hot Chocolate here. My preference being , the pork platter , Gondhoraj Pork . Also a round of Adda with Bitan and Subarno is a bonus that makes this place so special.

2. Snacking’s Crab Salad and Quinoa Salad

My everyday cafe. I love the ambience , the warm and an enriching conversation with Prateek . During the later part of 2019 I visited this cafe almost every week. Be it with friends or for a meeting I have spend hours, enjoying my Quinoa salad and some Peppermint Tea. The most memorable day was Doshomi when a grp of 10 people came and sang and all of us present became a part of that impromptu performance. Sometimes it’s all about the warmth.

3. Chacchaa Jaan’s Murgh Makkhanwala , Garlic Naan

Chacchaa Jaan, has become my new delivery place. I am not a fan of Butter Chicken and always preferred to not try this. But once I tried the gravy I was floored . I have ordered from them during our girl’s party and Christmas family gathering. The cloud kitchen makes some of the best North Indian dishes.

4. Teas from Karma Kettle

I have rediscovered my love for tea in 2019 and I attribute that to the exotic teas of Karma Kettle. I am totally addicted to Marakesh ( green tea with 4 different peppermints ) . I have carried this even while traveling. I loved their Mysore Chilli Cha and Pan Cha. The Gondhoraj Lebu Cha and the Nolen Gur & Khejur Cha are a must try if like me you like to experiment with tea.

5. Oktoberfest , JW Marriott Kitchen

I always wait for the Oktoberfest at JW Kitchen. The salads , the roasts , the cold cuts everything makes this fest a special occasion to visit JW Kitchen. The salad and the dessert section at JW Kitchen is my favorite round the year.

6. Bangalir Panchabyanjan Sucharita’s Annapurna , Nanighar

These home delivered delicacies are available through Nanighar. Nanighar is an app through which you can order home made food. Sucharita’s Annapurna is an endeavour of 3 young men whom I taught. They way they presented the whole thali serving it with love really became this year’s highlight.

7. Soanpapri, Sri Krishna Sweets

Soanpapri , has been my childhood favourite but sadly enough nowadays you can’t find the ones that we enjoyed during our childhood. But this sweet shop makes it exactly the way it was made during my childhood.

8. Basanti Pulao & Mangsho Kosha , Hanglaatherium

I have seen Hanglaatherium graduate from a small kiosk to a full on restaurant. I have been a patron since years . But this year I discovered a new preference, the Pulao and Kosha Mangsho combo that I have ordered during my birthday , Ashtami , and several other occasions.

9. Mirchi Halwa , Elahi

I am in love with anything that’s slightly exotic and out of the box. Mirchi Halwa is an acquired taste and I love the antithesis attached to this dessert, sweet yet made from something that’s supposed to make yr food hot !!

10. Laal Mash , Riyasat

The tender meat falling of the bone , the beautiful flavoured gravy , this star dish from Riyasat is a must try. Try this with the SPL Amritsari Naan.

11. Ghee Mutton , Episode One

Though Episode One is a lounge but the food is to be enjoyed here . Apart from the Feast India Brunch they have this beautiful Ghee Mutton Roast that I enjoy.

12. Pork Soup & Fish in Orange Sauce , Tavern Cafe

My absolute favourite is the Pork Clear Soup from Tavern Cafe. Most of my meetings are scheduled in this cafe and I love this soup which is available in only this cafe. Apart from this we have the Fish in Orange Sauce , Pork Platter and Fish Finger which are my favourites.

13. Maggi Sandwich , Just Yummm

Maggi is my absolute favourite and I loved this out of the box on the go snacks.

14. Motichur Lassi , Paranthewali Gali

If you haven’t tried this thick Lassi with motichur crumbs you are really missing something. A tall glass of this Lassi and a prantha is all you need !! Try this and thank me later.

15. Orange Glazed Pork Chops , Five Mad Men

This lounge serves the best pork chops without o doubt. I and Sayon literally swear by this .

16. Grilled Fish , Deck 88

A complete meal by itself this contains two grilled fish slices , veggies , mashed potatoes, herbed rice. They make one of the best grilled fish without a doubt. Deck 88 wins hands down not only for the food but also for the ambience.

17. Pujor Bhuribhoj , Kebab E Que

This age old restaurant , a part of Astor had one of the most lavish spread during the Pujo. Comprising of more than 80 items thus was a Bengali delight.

18. Lamb Burger , Spice It , Ibis

The lamb Burger that’s served in this restaurant is a winner because of the sheer size of the Burger. This is the biggest burger served in the city without doubt.

19. Lemon Coffee , Roastery

I always prefer something out of the box , something less common. Thus the lemon Coffee was an interesting find. This is Lemon Cascara , a drink made from the skin of the dried coffee fruits. The taste is unique and something that I like.

20. Aunt Annie’s Chicken Chilli , 8th Day Cafe

Available only during winters, this thick tangy soup is enriched with chicken pieces , something I look forward to taste every winter.

21. Liver Curry & Chicken Parantha , Sharma Dhaba

I love the very experience of having my food served inside my car. Sharma Dhaba which is open till late night serves the best Dry Liver Curry and this very tasty Chicken Parantha. While Sayon prefers the Sarson Da Saag , Makki Di Roti , I remain loyal to my favourites.

22. Chilli Guava Ice Cream , Pabrai’s

Ice Cream that also with chilli powder sprinkled over it and flavoured like ripe red guavas ? Yes, at Pabrai’s everything is possible.

23. Zamindari Thali , Sonar Tori , Raichak at Ganges

A thali full of all the flavours of Bengal is the most tempting thing . The experience is made all the more special by the ambience , music and the service.

24. Chocolate Dosa , Sankalp

When I heard about this Dosa , I was not at all convinced rather I was sceptical about this combination, but one bite into this and all my inhibitions vanished. Give it a try

25. Unlimited Vegetarian Buffet , Saffron

Priced below Rs 500/- this buffet is a steal. It starts with soup , a baked items , main course comprising of Daal , Pulao , Sabji , Choice of Breads , Desserts and a Mocktail.